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Tzolkin tonalpohualli Calendar Poster

Symbol Key*

sample poster

Glyphs Mayan Aztec Qualities
imix cipactli glyphs Imix (Alligator) Cipactli (Crocodile/Water Monster) East/red/fire
Ik Ehecatl glyphs Ik (Wind) Ehecatl (Wind) North/white/earth
akbal calli glyphs Akbal (Dark/Night) Calli (House) West/blue/air
kan cuetzpalin glyphs Kan (Seed/Ripe) Cuetzpalin (Lizard) South/yellow/water
chicchan coatl glyphs Chicchan (Snake) Coatl (Snake) East/red/fire
cimi miquiztli glyphs Cimi (Death) Miquiztli (Death) North/white/earth
manik mazatl glyphs Manik (Deer/Grasp) Mazatl (Deer) West/blue/air
lamat tochtli glyphs Lamat (Rabbit/Star) Tochtli (Rabbit) South/yellow/water
muluc atl glyphs Muluc (Water/Moon) Atl (Water) East/red/fire
oc izcuintli glyphs Oc (Dog) Izcuintli (Dog) North/white/earth
chuen ozomahtli glyphs Chuen (Monkey) Ozomahtli (Monkey) West/blue/air
eb malinalli glyphs Eb (Road) Malinalli (Grass) South/yellow/water
ben acatl glyphs Ben (Corn/Cane) Acatl (Reed) East/red/fire
ix ocelotl glyphs Ix (Jaguar) Ocelotl (Ocelot) North/white/earth
men cuauhtli glyphs Men (Eagle/Wise One) Cuauhtli (Eagle) West/blue/air
cib cozcacuauhtli glyphs Cib (Owl/Wax) Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture) South/yellow/water
caban ollin glyphs Caban (Movement/Incense) Ollin (Earthquake) East/red/fire
etznab tecpatl glyphs Etznab (Flint/Stone) Tecpatl (Knife) North/white/earth
cauac quiahuitl glyphs Cauac (Storm) Quiahuitl (Rain) West/blue/air
ahau xochitl glyphs Ahau (Lord/Sun) Xochitl (Flower) South/yellow/water
Glyph Number Meanings
mayan glyph for one 1 Unify, Initiate (Revelation)
mayan glyph for 2 2 Cooperate, Dualize (Imagination)
mayan glyph for 3 3 Activate, Separate (Gestation)
mayan glyph for four 4 Measure, Define (Contemplation)
mayan glyph for five 5 Elevate, Gather (Aggregation)
mayan glyph for six 6 Crystallize, Compartmentalize (Organization)
mayan glyph fo 7 7 Connect, Align (Divination)
mayan glyph for 8 8 Harmonize, Empower (Innovation)
mayan glyph for 9 9 Project, Complete (Facilitation)
mayan glyph for 10 10 Manifest, Perfect (Creation)
mayan glyph for 11 11 Transform, Extend (Revision)
mayan glyph for 12 12 Stabilize, Order (Satisfaction)
mayan glyph for 13 13 Complete, Transform (Termination)
Glyph Day Type Meaning
manifestation glyph Manifestation (blue) On the 26 manifestation portals, the current moves down from beyond the veil to earth. (You can think of it as power from the gods or from another dimension.) 
intention glyph Intention (purple)  On the 26 intention portals, the current moves up from earth to behind the veil. 
assimilation glyph Assimilation (green) The 20 assimilation days mark  the shift from incoming (manifestation) to outgoing (intention) forces. Assimilation energy is deeply personal, focused inward. 
burner glyph Burner (red) The 16 burner days are festival days, time to burn off extra restless energy in socially approved ways, for purification and stress relief, to send that energy out and away.

*Finished poster differs slightly from sample in cosmetic ways only.

Illustrations copyright (c) by Michael A. Giza, used with permission.

18"x24" Poster at Zazzle. There are two versions, one that is plain at the bottom (except for a link to this page) and one that has some very basic information and a QR code.
Tzolkin Tonalpohualli Calendar Poster
Tzolkin Tonalpohualli Calendar Poster by MichaelGiza
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