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Shamanic Healing

Includes Mayan Reiki/Mayanism levels 1-3

singing bowls and toad purse
aztec altar

This is an all-new workshop, first taught in 2013. Depending on how many people are in the class and how experienced they are with metaphysical and healing topics, the class is 2-3 days. It includes everything I've learned in all my various masterships, except Holographic Sound Healing. Although it is not structured into discrete levels, the material includes levels 1, 2, and 3 of various healing practices (master-healer). There is NO teaching level.

Shamanic Healing is taught outdoor the Mayan Healing Circle, next to the new koi pond, in the summer months only (May-September).

This fluid workshop changes according to the needs and interests of those who attend. Basic structure is as follows:

$400 per person, non-refundable $40 deposit

This workshop is also going to include an Incan shamanic journey to find your birth mountain and your birth water. I was guided to do that part for FREE so anyone can come to that section (please sign up in advance). Read about the ritual on my shamanism blog: part 1 part 2

Contact me about scheduling a workshop. If you can bring 3 people with you, your tuition will be free.

This information, in a slightly different form (the class used to be called Mayanism) was formerly located at Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly.

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