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The sacred Mayan calendar, called the Tzolkin (soul-keen), is comprised of 20 day-signs, named for animals and natural objects, and thirteen numbers. A full cycle is 260 days (approximately 9 months), with every day-sign paired with every number.

Each day-sign has its own special energy signature, which is modified by the energy of the number attached to it. You carry with you the imprint of the day-sign and number of your natal day. This natal energy, your personal energy, interacts with every other day-sign (over 65,000 combinations), generating a third day-sign/number combination. This third day-sign is the potential between you and the other person (or date).

This information is useful in a myriad of ways. You can use it for a type of electional astrology—if you are looking for a particular combination, you can check your chart and see when that day is coming about. If you are wondering how you might get along with a new friend, potential business partner or coworker, you can simply look their natal energy up on the chart. (To find their natal energy, use my conversion page, or any online date convertor whose correspondence is set to 584,283, or check my ephemeris). If you are preparing to begin a new business or job or project, and you have leeway on the start date, you may be able to find a more complementary energy.

So that you do not have to understand all the complexities of the Tzolkin, I have distilled each day-sign and number down to its essence. The numbers are verbs and the day-signs are nouns. The purpose is for you to combine the verbs and nouns into phrases and decide for yourself if results seem beneficial, harmful, or neutral to your undertaking.

Each day-sign includes, in parentheses, what a worse-case scenario may be. These words are not absolute, of course; you still have free will, as does everyone else. They are just a suggestion.

You can always consult this website or one of my calendars for more information on each day-sign’s meaning.

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How to read your personal aspects chart:

Universal Information Columns:

This energy applies to everyone on that day.

The first column (A) is the number energy, the second (B) the day-sign, the third (C) the count (out of 260). The final column (D) will be blank on most days, but some days have an extra layer of special energy.

There are four types of special energy days

You may even simply want to look for a certain type of energy, regardless of the day-sign. If you’re opening a dance club, it may be more important that you have the social and outgoing energy of a burner day. If you’re planning a ritual, you may want to schedule it on a intention portal. Signing for a loan? A manifestation portal would be a good day. Position a mediation workshop on an assimilation day. Once you follow and understand the special days’ energy, you will find a myriad of uses for them.

On the other side of the thick vertical line is your personal information. I have calculated your natal sign against every other combination in the calendar. The first four columns (a, b, c & d) are the same information as the Universal column, but they contain the information for your natal sign combined with that day’s date. (If you are looking to compare birthdays, just look the other person’s natal sign in the Universal column.)

The next Personal columns (e & f) are the description of your natal energy combined with the Universal date. The final column (g) is the calendar date on which the Universal day falls (the shaded day is the day I processed your chart).

As an example, if this sample was your chart, and you are looking for a burner day, you can see that there is a Universal one on March 12, 2011, and an Aspects one on March 14, 2011. A full sample Personal Aspects chart is here.

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I hope you find this information interesting, comprehensive and useful! I also offer a list of custom special days tailored to your natal energy, and a complete natal horoscope.

Custom charts of Relationship Aspects (all 260 days, matched to the day-sign and number of your choice) are $15. You must tell me which date to use as the base date (doesn't have to be your birthday but that is the most common).

Relationship Aspects
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