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The Tzolkin has a dual set of biorthythms. One is the universal flow, and one is the personal flow. Since there are 260 day-sign combinations, that means there are 260 different flows (not 261). I offer a comprehensive chart that details each day's Universal Energy opposite your personal energy (computed from your birthday). This includes about 18 months of correspondence dates (two Tzolkin cycles worth). If you have already purchased one of these charts from me, "refills" (two more Tzolkins worth of dates) are available at a nominal fee.

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Below is the explanatory text that comes with your charts. A sample PDF chart is here.

The "Universal" day energy COLUMN is energy that affects EVERYONE in the world at once. The PERSONAL day energy column affects only those born on your day-sign. This means you can have two or more types of special energy to draw upon each day, or in rare cases the energy type may be doubled.

The energy of the special days, like the energies of the full moon, seem to extend about half a day in either direction, for a total of 48 hours.

Fifty-two of the 260 days of each Tzolkin are portal days, 26 in the first half (incoming “reaping” or “manifestation” energy) and 26 in the latter half (outgoing, “sowing” or “intention” energy). Portal days are times when the veil between worlds is thin. It’s easier to communicate with other realms during these times. If your Tzolkin birthday falls on a portal day, it always easy for you to work multi-dimensionally, but for best results, do your dimensional work on a portal day. Anyone, even if not born on a portal day, can take advantage of portal day energies to reach beyond this dimension.

On "intention" days, the energy goes from Earth to the other side. Prayers, rituals and spells are best done on those days. On "manifestation" days, the energy goes from the other side to Earth. If you have put your intent out there, make sure your life has space to receive on the manifestation days.

The 16 burner days are times when explosive energies come to the forefront. The days in this section are planetary/societal portal days. Look for world happening on these day (or within 24 hours), or events which affect a large number of people. Saddam Hussein was captured on a burner day. (There are different types of burner days listed, but basically they are all the same.)

Assimilation (also called "Central" “Reflection” or “Now time”) days are the 20-day spine of the Tzolkin, the central rod around which the calendar turns. Turn your attention outward, examine the bigger picture. During this 20-day period, focus on the “now”–not on the past (anger) or the future (worry). These are the days between the manifestation portals and the intention portals. Assimilate all you've received over the past 120 days and perhaps begin to formulate new intents for the next 130 days.

The quarter days simply denote the passing of time (one quarter of the sacred cycle) and have no other significance.

The list is two sacred calendar’s worth of dates (about 18 months).

Custom charts of personal energy days are $15 for approximately 18 months worth, emailed as a PDF. Please include your birthday in the "other instructions" area when you pay.
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