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Instead of looking up a Gregorian calendar date to find which Tzolkin date it is, all the Gregorian dates from 1990 to 2020 are ranked by Tzolkin date, in a reverse ephemeris in PDF. Find out when a Tzolkin date last happened and when it will happen again. This can be useful for interpreting divination results, electional astrology, personal guidance, journaling, daykeeping, and more. A full version from 1900-2060 is available for $5 in Kindle format. (Get a free Kindle app here if you haven't got the device.)

Look up by Trecena: 1-Ahau | 1-Akbal | 1-Ben | 1-Caban | 1-Cauac | 1-Chicchan | 1-Chuen | 1-Cib | 1-Cimi | 1-Eb | 1-Etznab | 1-Ik | 1-Imix | 1-Ix | 1-Kan | 1-Lamat | 1-Manik | 1-Men | 1- Muluc | 1-Oc

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Trecenas are 13-day periods which begin with the number 1. To find the trecena you need to reference, find the Tzolkin date you need the dates for on the chart below, and move up until you find the number 1. The chart is read from top to bottom, left to right. So if you're looking at 7 Ik, you go up to the top of that column, then the bottom of the previous, to see that 1-Cib is the trecena ruler of 7 Ik.
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