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Quick Tzolkin Symbols

Key: DAYSIGN: Symbols (Shadow symbol)

  1. IMIX: Source, Original (Chaos)
  2. IK: Communication, Connection (Separation)
  3. AKBAL: Mystery, Knowledge (Depression)
  4. KAN: Growth, Fertility (Overindulgence)
  5. CHICCHAN: Emergence, Kundalini (Imprisonment)
  6. CIMI: Transformation, Dissolution (Obsession)
  7. MANIK: Cooperation, Adaptability (Unbalance)
  8. LAMAT: Divination, Superstar (Overindulgence)
  9. MULUC: Trust, Healing (Sluggishness)
  10. OC: Guardian, Comfort (Callousness)
  11. CHUEN: Creativity, Linkage (Trickery)
  12. EB: Destiny, Conduit (Hyperactivity)
  13. BEN: Pathfinder, Distribution (Arrogance)
  14. IX: Shaman, Transformation (Deviousness)
  15. MEN: Collector, Polymath (Hoarding, Dictator)
  16. CIB: Cleansings, Forgiveness (Sin)
  17. CABAN: Catalyst, Itza* (Destruction)
  18. ETZNAB: Sacrifice, Paradox, Balance (Corruption)
  19. CAUAC: Healing, Ki (Addiction)
  20. AHAU: Pinnacle, Ascension (Tyrant)

*Itza is lifeforce, usually imbued in an object, given to the gods during ritual or prayer. Crystals, sap/resin, wax, flowers, and incense are some examples.


  1. Unify, Initiate
  2. Cooperate, Dualize
  3. Activate, Separate
  4. Measure, Define
  5. Elevate, Gather
  6. Crystallize, Organize
  7. Connect, Align
  8. Harmonize, Empower
  9. Project, Complete
  10. Manifest, Perfect
  11. Transform, Extend
  12. Stabilize, Order
  13. Complete, Transform

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