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I'm working on my own card set, called the Jaguar Nights Oracle, but in the meantime I use these images, or variations thereof, for my readings. I do not own the copyright to these images, which are from the Mayan Oracle deck, nor do I claim to.

While doing readings, I use these images in several ways. First, I have you pick the daysign archetype you resonate with most highly (yes, only ONE). That is your "personality" profile--how you feel about yourself right now. While you are doing that, I look your birthday up in my database and then tell you about your birth sign if it's not the same as the one you chose. 

Then I usually do a 3 card Life Path reading. The first card represents a blockage in your life or something you aren't seeing properly. The second card is your helper--what tool, gift or person can help you overcome the blockage of card 1. The final card is the possible outcome: what you can become if you overcome the blockage. If time permits, I also place number cards on each archetype card to determine how large/strong the blockage is, how much help the tool will be, and how important that future role will be in your life.

I have another method divination which uses these images on rune stones, plotted against a background of the Mayan Tree of Life, combined with a crystal layout. You have five runes instead of three cards, and the crystals and tree of life add more layers to the reading. The Jaguar Nights Oracle will explain this method in detail.  

IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR A READING, please pick one card and let me know which one it is. It would be best if you went entirely by the images and didn't read any of the information about the daysigns on the other pages of this site.

Note that some of the cards do not reproduce well. Etznab is actually a mirrored silver finish and Ahau is a mirrored gold finish.

imix ik akbal kan
chicchan cimi manik lamat
muluc oc chuen eb
ben ix men cib
caban etznab cauac ahau
For more on the calendar archetypes, visit the articles section. If you like the images on the cards, please purchase them. They are like tiny works of art. I don't agree 100% with all the book's interpretation (lots of Dreamspell), but the cards are worth the money.
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