title: horoscopes of famous couples

(Technique details for these horoscropes are described in my book, Jaguar Nights: A Journey Through the Tzolkin)

I was playing around with this new compatibility technique, and asked some friends to think of some famous couples and look up their birthdays. I translated the dates into the MesoAmerican calendar without knowing the names. Then I wrote the descriptions below, and once I had written all of them, my friends gave me the names. These are presented WITHOUT EDITING what I had written after I knew who they were. I’m not a star follower; you decide how accurate I was.

When I presented this lecture at the Astrological Society of Connecticut that November, the attendees had no trouble guessing who the couples were. See bottom of the page if you can't figure them out.

Couple One:
Male: 4 Manik (outgoing portal)
Female: 1 Cauac

The male should be dominant, but the combination of his day sign and an outgoing portal day means that he is timid in his relationship with the woman, and probably ignores her, or dismisses her as less important that his other concerns. He is probably not physically abusive but his comments may cross the line into verbal abuse, although most likely he does not shout at her. Perhaps he uses some kind of quiet sarcasm which only she understands; the outside world sees it as gentle teasing.

The Cauac woman looks blessed to the outside world, but with her low birth number, she doesn’t feel like she is anything special. This is reinforced by her husband’s neglect and unkind comments. With the right lover, she could thrive, but he is not that person. He is content with her, but knows he could do better. Not a good match.

Couple Two:
Male: 4 Manik (outgoing portal)
Female: 12 Imix

The female is dominant. She is terrifyingly efficient—no detail is ever overlooked. If she was a man, she’d tell her woman “don’t worry your pretty little head about it”—since she is a woman, she has to be a little more circumspect in how she rules her man’s world.

Most men would not tolerate being ruled so strongly by their woman. However, 4 Manik is constantly sending out energy to further his own projects, and his woman needs to be able to take care of herself—he has no time or energy for coddling her. If she can take care of him, and make sure his needs are met, all the better—that’s one less extraneous thing he needs to worry about. Plus, he has a relatively low birth number, meaning he’s timid and unsure in relationships and grateful to let the woman take over. This is a good match and they are happy together, but they may seem mismatched to those outside the relationship.

Couple Three:
Female: 5 Caban
Male: 8 Kan (assimilation)

The male is dominant. He is full of ideas and energy, always on. The position of his birth-sign in the center days of the calendar means he lives in the now. He doesn’t plan overtly for the future, or worry about the past. He just is.

The 5 Caban woman wants a life that’s not stagnant or boring, and her 8 Kan man can deliver on that. Her desire for new experiences and change feeds his creativity, and because he lives in the now, he doesn’t have regrets or expectations. This is a good match, but they might burn each other out eventually.

Couple Four:
Female: 5 Caban
Male: 6 Akbal (assimilation)

The male is barely dominant. With a centrally positioned birth-sign, he stays in the now and probably allows the woman to lead him once in a while. He doesn’t think about the darkness inside of him—if it comes out, he accepts it, knowing that it will retreat again and that everything happens when it’s supposed to.

The 5 Caban female is attracted to 6 Akbal because his inner darkness promises a change, an excitement she might not have known otherwise. She wants to play in the shadows and see how that can affect her world. She is probably disappointed that he doesn’t indulge/reveal his dark side very often and that the changes she envisions don’t seem to touch him. This is a decent short-term match, but eventually she will be come bored.

Couple Five:
Female: 1 Imix (manifestation portal)
Male: 4 Cauac

The male is dominant. He feels blessed and balanced, and he’s generous with his time, energy and possessions. Everyone wants a piece of him, and sometimes he feels guilty that he doesn’t have a lot left over for his lover.

The 1 Imix female also feels blessed, and in a state of receiving abundance & attention from the universe. She might take the man for granted if they’ve been together a long time, and might also be annoyed when he showers others with gifts, seeing them as her due. She is rather possessive, and doesn’t like sharing her man. This isn’t a great match—eventually she will smother him with possessiveness, or he will drive her away with neglect. But when they are in harmony, it’s very good indeed.

Couple Six:
Female: 10 Cauac
Male: 4 Cimi

The female is dominant. She has a strong sense of entitlement, and she usually gets what she wants. When she feels content with what she has, she’s willing to share with everyone.

The 4 Cimi male feels a little overshadowed by his woman. He cares about her, but isn’t willing to play into her schemes by showering her with love. He wants to show her there are other ways; she has no interest in seeing them unless they involve accolades for her. Not a good match—they will constantly butt heads. She will probably throw him out before he gets tired of trying to change her and leaves on his own.

Couple Seven:
Female 9 Ik (manifestation portal)
Male 11 Akbal

The Male is dominant. He is mysterious, full of smug secrets, and attractive in a bad-boy/scary kind of way. 

The female is very open, with no secrets. The fact that her man has secrets appeals to her, but she wants to know everything about him, and then tell everyone what she knows. She doesn’t always think before she speaks, and is incapable of keeping a confidence. They are complete opposites, fluffy light and sensual darkness. The match is doomed to fail—once she finds (and tells) all his secrets, she’ll lose interest; or he will tire of her prying and poking and simply leave her.

Couple Eight:
Female: 6 Manik
Male: 1 Cib

Female is dominant. As a tool of the gods, she draws attention everywhere she goes-she has that type of aura/charisma. Having a man in her life is not necessary but she enjoys it when it happens. Although she is the dominant partner, she doesn’t ask for much from her man.

The male doesn’t like woman who cling, and having one who is almost indifferent to his presence suits him perfectly. He is happy to share her with those who want her attention, and has no illusions that she will stay forever. This is a good match as long as they maintain the balance.

  1. Prince Charles (14 Nov 1948) & Princess Diana (1 July 1961)
  2. Prince Charles (14 Nov 1948) and Camilla Parker-Bowles (17 July 1947)
  3. Demi Moore (11 November 1962) & Aston Kutcher (7 February 1978)
  4. Demi Moore (11 November 1962) & Bruce Willis (19 March 1955)
  5. Jennifer Aniston (11 February 1969) & Brad Pitt (18 December 1963)
  6. Nicole Kidman (20 June 1967) & Tom Cruise (3 July 1962)
  7. Elizabeth Taylor (27 February 1932) & Richard Burton (11 November 1925)
  8. Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 September 1969) & Michael Douglas (25 September 1944)

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